My name is Dallas, I'm a 21 year old queer Buddhist from Florida with a rather grotesque love for violence, abnormal mental behavior, comics, video games, and alternative lifestyles.I am proudly collared and owned by my partner of 3+years, Miles. I'm currently working in retail, at a porn shop, and as a camgirl. I have zero direction in my life and I'm have mixed feelings on that.

What you will find here: Violence, Hannibal, makeup, fashion, BBC Sherlock, Anime, lots and lots of pink, my personal rantings, sex worker rights, NSFW things, Supernatural, sex & body positivity, sex education, schmoopy stuff about Miles, cutesy shit, J-fashion, video games, American Horror Story, art, J-rock, and food.

Currently watching:X-Files
Currently Gaming: Infamous: Second Son
That awesome moment when you realize that three of your favorite people ever all follow each other.