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愛って何 , 夏?



most of my Saturday was spent looking up stuff about Bina48.
BINA48 is a project of Terasem Movement, Incorporated (TMI)[5] and is designed to test whether a person’s consciousness can be downloaded into a non-biological or nanotechnological body after combining detailed data about a person through the use of future consciousness software

A lesbian of color (who is married to a trans woman) becomes the model for an ultra advanced AI system.
This is huge.

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- From “The Ten Little Gall Force,” directed by Katsuhito Akiyama (1988)

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yeah okay mom-chan

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Handpainted Winged Scarf

Crafted out of extra soft cotton, this black scarf is painted with white wings. White feathers are handpainted onto this scarf to give the wearer a winged appearance. Also available in silk. Sold on Etsy.

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 Becca Gilgan

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